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Who is Eligible to Connect

Q. What properties are eligible to connect to the Brookfield sewer network?

A. effective as of January 1, 2022, no sewer connection or discharge permit shall be issued by the Authority with respect to any property unless that property falls within one of the following categories:

a) properties which are or have been subject to the levy of a sewer benefit assessment as a result of the construction of municipal sewer facilities;

b) properties which are subject to an agreement or resolution adopted by the Authority to reserve sewage treatment capacity upon the payment of a sewer capacity reservation fee;

c) properties determined by the Authority to require an allocation of sewage treatment capacity to effectively abate or mitigate an existing or threatened pollution problem; (An owner claiming to have a failed septic system or a system in danger of imminent failure, shall provide written documentation from a professional engineer licensed in the State of Connecticut and verified by the Town Sanitarian confirming the condition of the system. Discharge shall be limited as necessary to an existing building, facilities and/or uses.);

d) properties owned by the Town of Brookfield or owned by a not-for-profit organization performing an essential municipal function (e.g., fire, ambulance or rescue services); and

Notwithstanding the foregoing, for vacant properties, no such property shall be permitted a new connection permit based on design flows in excess of 2,000 gallons per day or a discharge calculated at the rate of 400 gallons per day, per acre, whichever is greater. For improved properties presently or previously connected to the municipal sewer, no such property shall be permitted a new connection permit based on design flows in excess of 2,000 gallons per day or 150% of existing or pre-existing design flows, whichever is greater.

Q. Why is there a limit of who can connect?

A. Sewage treatment capacity available to the Town of Brookfield is limited. It is the responsibility of the WPCA to ensure that the Town does not exceed its available treatment capacity. Applications for Sewer Connection and Discharge Permits shall be considered only when the Authority determines that the public sewer system and existing sewage treatment capacity is capable of conveying and adequately treating the sewage to be discharged.

For more information on sewer connection permits and limitations, please see the WPCA Rules and Regulations.