Brookfield Water Pollution Control Authority

The Brookfield Water Pollution Control Authority is currently comprised of seven members. Commission members are appointed by the Board of Selectman, usually at the recommendation of a Vacancy Committee. It is the Democrat or Republican Vacancy Committees that conduct interviews and background checks of potential board members.

The WPCA Commissioners are appointed for four year terms. Their terms can be renewed. Each year, the board selects the Chairman and Vice Chairman, by a simple majority vote. Besides being interested in quality governance, each board member must be a resident of Brookfield to be eligible to serve.

The current board is comprised of the following volunteer members:

Name Position WPCA In Brookfield
Since Since
Nelson Malwitz Chairman 2008 1975
Louise Trojanowski-Marconi Vice Chairman 1997 1985
Phillip Kurtz Member 2010 2000
Tulio Lopez Member 2011 2005
Loretta Donovan Member 2017 1980
Matt Brown Alternate 2015 1975
Jim Murray Alternate 2017 1981
Michael Del Valle Alternate 2017 2007

You can make a difference …

Here are some low time-commitment, but fun, opportunities to volunteer:

  • A communications person is needed to assist in keeping in touch with customers.
  • An interface with the Town is useful for coordinating employee and retiree benefits and pension.
  • With the assembling of a Town Center plan, a coordinator with other land use boards is needed.
  • An IT person is needed to assist with the updating of our new Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Currently there is alternate board position open. The WPCA meets only once a month. Interested and willing to serve? Contact Us