Candlewood Lake Waste Water Study (Brookfield)

Details and documents for the Candlewood Lake Area Wastewater Study. This work examined the needs and options to intercept the septic flows to the lake from the watershed in Brookfield. It was conducted by Lombardo Associates, Inc (LAI) and sponsored in part by a CT DEEP Clean Water Fund Study Grant.

Note: Some of these are layman-friendly while others are very technical documents. Expertise in Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Engineering and the like are useful to grasp the concepts. Click on images to download these papers.

Candlewood Lake Study DocumentDescription
NewsletterA 4-page layman overview in summarizing the study fact-finding and recommendations.
April 2020
Brookfield Study Task 3 Report 67-pages

Brookfield Study Task 3 Report 57-pages
Without 10 page list properties in the study area.

A 67-page report in covering the final fact-finding and recommendations.
April, 2020
Candlewood Lake Watershed
Septic Survey Report
An 9-page document summarizing Brookfield septic survey results with 575 participating. The report includes a narrative plus conclusions and recommendations.
April 2, 2020
Candlewood Lake Study Information Meeting
by Brookfield Water Pollution Control Authority
Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 7:00PM
Brookfield High School Auditorium(Cancelled …
Considering preparing a video presentation.)
The session was to include an assessment of the long term viability of septic systems in the study area.

Recommendations for intercepting septic flow to the Lake, its treatment options, along with preliminary cost estimates and property assessments are presented in the reports below.

Brookfield Study Task 2 ReportA 35-page report covering the initial fact-finding for the entire study.
Completed December 17, 2019
Brookfield Study Task 1 ReportA 89-page report covering the initial fact-finding for the entire study. See the 2-page executive summary. Updated December 17, 2019
Area Well Water Testing
Summary Results-EXHIBIT A
September 2019
Supporting Detail:
Arrowhead-EXHIBIT B
Candlewood Shores-EXHIBIT C
Study Grant Approved by CT DEEPGrant Submission Accepted by CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP)
Brookfield Study Task 1 MapsThe sixteen (16) color maps for the Task 1 Report are in a separate document. They can be viewed online. They can also be printed on 17×22 tabloid or legal paper for better viewing.
This is a 140 MB file updated December 2019
Brookfield Study Area Septic Data by ParcelThis is a file with a list of the approximately 1500 parcels in the study area. Download and search for your address. The Town does not have septic system data for every parcel in the study area.
Cluster Wastewater Planning
EPA Handbook by LAI
A US EPA document used across the country prepared by the engineers on this project, Lombardo Associates, Inc
Phosphorus Geochemistry in Septic SystemsThe fate of Phosphorus from septic systems
A technical document.
FirstLight Shoreline Management Plan (SMP)
This plan was approved August 2019 by the
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FREC)
The plan is designed to promote the protection, preservation and improvement of environmental values into the future mostly through land management. Section VII. a) reads “FirstLight does not have … jurisdiction over public health and water quality. Therefore, the CTDPH, local health departments, CT DEEP and any other jurisdictional bodies are primarily responsible for public health and water quality … on and in [Candlewood Lake].
Partial Sponsorship by Brookfield WPCAWhy is the Brookfield WPCA partially sponsoring this project at 45% with a 55% CT DEEP grant?