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Download the appropriate forms. Submit the completed forms to the WPCA office.


Excerpt of section 3.2.1

As a condition of each Sewer Discharge Permit involving the installation of sewage pumping facilities, the applicant and property owner agree as follows:

Maintenance: All pumping facilities shall be maintained in proper working condition by the property owner and as may specially be required by the Authority. At a minimum, the property owner shall provide for the regular cleaning of wet wells to eliminate odors; the protection and cleaning of float switches from grease and debris; the inspection, and if necessary, the repair, of all electrical equipment by a licensed electrician at least once every two years; and the removal and inspection of the pump at least once a year for wear and seal leakage, and the repair thereof as necessary. Within thirty days following the conclusion of each calendar year, the owner shall file a report describing the prior year’s pump facilities maintenance in a form acceptable to the Authority.

Download the forms for documenting maintenance.

These are to be submitted yearly as required by the Authority. These completed forms with required information shall be submitted no later than January 30 of 2011 and yearly thereafter.  The proper maintenance of your pumps and electrical equipment is vital to prevention of sewage overflows and for the long term life of your equipment. Please contact our Chief of Maintenance, Mr. Roger Prinz by e-mail at if you have any questions or concerns. See all current Sewer Rules and Regulations. Thank you, Brookfield WPCA