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Sewer Districts

There are several distinct sewer districts that are evaluated separately.  The construction and upgrade costs for each district are kept separate by legal resolution.  These districts include:

For a more detailed description of sewer services areas, please refer to the Water Pollution Control Plan. 

Federal Road South

From the Danbury town line to Route 133. There is an extension of this system to pick up the Raymour and Flanigan complex, the new Nabby Road town house complex up to Huckleberry School. (1975)

Federal Road North

From Route 133 north to the New Milford town line. (1993) It now includes condo complexes such as Riverview, Newbury Village and Oak Meadow. This district was enhanced in 2017 with upgraded pump stations to handle the growth in the Four Corners area.

Brooks Quarry

(2016) This is an elderly housing project owned by the Brookfield Housing Authority (BHA) located at the North end of Laural Hill Road close to the intersection of Federal Road. A sub-standard sewer system was built in 1994 and has failed requiring frequent and extensive maintenance. The BHA obtained a grant from Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) to fund the project. With the funds awarded, the project was completed mid-2016. This area is already on the sewer system in the Federal Road North district.

Center School / High School

and municipal buildings along Pocono Road. (1996)

Del Mar Drive Area

(2013) At the request of commercial property owners on this road both sewer and water are now provided. The project was combined with the Old New Milford Road project to form a single district.

High Meadow Condo Area

(2015) At the request of the High Meadow Condo Owners Association, and consent from the Board of Selectman and the Planning Commission, the WPCA embarked on an initiative to study the engineering and costs of sewering the condo complexes bordered by the Railroad, Route 133 and Silvermine Road, thus including the Newbury Crossing and Ledgewood Condos. The application for Wetlands approval was quite extensive. The project was limited to the dry summer months. In 2013, a town vote approved bonding for the project up to $2.5 million. In 2014 the engineering was completed, the project contract awarded in June 2014 and completed October 2015. The total cost came to $2.2 million. It was partially funded with a $600,000 grant from the State and $1.2MM in a low interest Clean Water Fund loan.

In planning for future

Dean Road Area. At the request of the Town Sanitarian and consent from the Board of Selectman and the Planning Commission, the WPCA embarked on an initiative to study the engineering and costs of sewering the Dean Road/Pocono Road Area. This project is actively under study the second half of 2018.

Old New Milford Road

(2011) This was a in-fill project to provide sewer service to 29 properties. Septic systems are a challenge in this commercial/industrial area limiting use.


(2018) This is a project that took advantage of the routing of the 2009 lines and the Sandy Lane extension. The Rolingwood Condo Association properties were able to abandon the pumping and emergency generator systems servicing the association. These are costly to maintain, especially as they age.

Sandy Lane

(2012) This was a project to take advantage of the routing of the 2009 lines that now allow certain properties to connect to the sewer system via gravity. The Sandy Lane Condo Association properties and the commercial properties housing Bob’s Discount Furniture, AutoZone and Maggie McFly’s, for example, abandoned their pumping and emergency generator systems. These were costly to maintain, especially as they age.

Three Condo:

This project was mandated by the state. It included the Cedarbrook, Whisconier Village and Stony Hill Village condominium developments. This district also includes Whisconier Middle School. (2009)