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System Upgrades

The Brookfield WPCA staff uses state of the art technology to monitor the efficiency of the sewer system, including 14 pump stations and approximately 17 miles of gravity sewer. A Facilities Plan Report was prepared by the engineering firm CDM Smith in August 2020 to evaluate the existing system and make recommendations for upgrades.

Ongoing Upgrades

  • The Route 133 Pump Station is currently in the second phase of a planned upgrade which includes engineering design for an upgraded pump system in the new, larger wet well.

Completed Upgrades 2022-2023

  • A larger wet well and a new standby generator were installed at the Route 133 Pump Station, which concluded Phase One of a planned upgrade.
  • A bypass system was installed in August 2023 to the Caldor Station at the intersection of Federal Road and Candlewood Lake Road.

Completed Upgrades 2021

  • A new electronic flow meter was installed at the Caldor Station, along with a new data recorder.

Completed Upgrades 2020

  • In March 2020, 290 LF gravity sewer and two manholes were installed to correct surcharge of sewer when 133 Station is discharging at the intersection of Old New Milford Road and Federal Road.
  • Installed two new valve pits on the North Pump Station force main (north of Route 7 on Route 202.) This was done for cross over and parallel pumping operation from the station, eliminating the need for worker entry into confined space for valve operation. This was an operational and safety issue.
  • Pulse flow meters were added at the Stony Hill and Cedarbrook Pump Stations.

Completed Upgrades 2018

  • March 2018-Convert Rollingwood system to gravity.

Completed Upgrades 2017

  • GIS system
  • Larger pumps and upgraded control systems were installed at both the 777 Federal Road Pump Station and North Pump Station.
  • New control system and permanent standby generator were installed at the Railroad Pump Station.
  • New control system and upgraded valve pits were installed at the North Pump Station.
  • Removed blockage from bridge crossing pipe, addition of air release piping and structure for the Federal Road overpass of Route 7.
  • Installed new sewer collection system and constructed a BWPCA owned Pump Station at Brooks Quarry elderly housing complex.

Completed Upgrades 2014

  • Upgrades to Commerce Drive Pump Station, including BWPCA taking ownership of this pump station, replacement of pumps and controls, addition of crossover valve pits, installation of a discharge structure with gravity connection across Rt 133
  • Installed standby generator at Caldor Station.

Completed Upgrades 2013

  • Installed grinder at Caldor Station
  • Installed online monitoring system (SCADA) all Pump Stations