Dean Road / Pocono Road

At the request of the Town Sanitarian and consent from the Board of Selectman and the Planning Commission, the WPCA has embarked on an initiative to study the engineering and costs of sewering the Dean Road Area.

This was the subject of a Public Hearing Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at the Town Hall, 100 Pocono Road, Brookfield. The sentiment was mixed. Consequently, it was decided by the WPCA to conduct a survey of all property owners that could be affected.

(See the Public Hearing follow up letter to the Dean Road area below the map.)

See the questionnaire of Dean and Pocono Road properties conducted in 2012.

See the survey results for those that responded online.

Overall about 1/3 responded Yes, 1/3 responded No and 1/3 did not respond.

The mandate was unclear in 2012. The WPCA is only in a positon to serve property owners that request sewer service. It is not in a position to force the installation of sewers without a mandate or urging from area owners, the Town Sanitarian and/or the Brookfield Director of Health.

April 2012 Letter to Dean Road Area Owners:

Re:  Dean Road Area Sewer Proposal

Dear Residents of Dean and Pocono Road,

Recall that the Brookfield WPCA held an informational public hearing on January 11, 2012, in which you were invited to participate and ask questions about the potential sewering along Dean Road, Pocono Road and a portion of Silvermine Road. A small fraction of affected owners attended. Consequently, it seems appropriate to send a survey to each owner for a more complete gauge of this issue from affected property owners.

The Town Sanitarian and the Brookfield Director of Health generated the request for sewers in this area and the Board of Selectman and the Planning Commission approved pursuit of the installation of sewers. At the Public Hearing, the Town Sanitarian reported that many systems are stressed and have failed in the subject area. Further, in most instances, septic system repairs in the area cannot comply with current state standards. That there are failures with associated environmental, health and safety challenges are a matter of public record and could have a negative affect on property values.

Preliminary engineering work suggests the cost of the pump and piping system will approach 10% of the Grand List value of each property. This cost will be recovered as a Benefit Assessment payable over 20 years. There are other application and connection costs that can be reviewed on-line. Of course, the benefit is that properties connected will be increased in value by this amount for a permanent solution to the septic challenges in this low-lying area.

The installation of sewers is not ordered, at least yet. Consequently, the WPCA requests your feedback regarding this potential project. This is to request that you complete the survey on-line prior to April 24. The on-line version is preferred, but if that is inconvenient. Please return the attached questionnaire on or before Tuesday April 24, 2012.

The minutes of the 1/11/12 meeting, as well as a map and other details can be found on-line at


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