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Dean/Pocono Road Area

The Brookfield WPCA has received multiple pieces correspondence from the Town Sanitarian voicing concern about the septic challenges in this area. The WPCA hired Lombardo & Associates to conduct an extensive engineering study for options to apply to the situation. In December of 2021 CDM Smith was hired by the WPCA to develop proposed engineering plans to install sewers in the Dean/Pocono Road area (as well as the Candlewood Lake Area), in connection with this study to consider feasible options. In September 2022, a Public Informational Hearing was held to inform the public of the study’s progress and received questions and feedback. Note: the Brookfield WPCA was awarded a 55% grant from CT DEEP to conduct this study.

The Brookfield WPCA has been approved for a $300,000.00 grant from The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), in partnership with the Long Island Sound Study, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the Final Design of Brookfield Sewer Extension for Dean & Pocono Road Area project, pending successful completion of the programmatic and fiscal review process. This project will create a final design for a low-pressure wastewater collection system with individual grinder pumps and low-pressure piping below-ground for 91 low-lying lots in Brookfield. This project will produce a pathway to improve water quality by reducing bacteria, nitrogen and phosphorus into the Still River and downstream to the Long Island Sound. The WPCA will keep the public informed as this project progresses. Please note, this funding is only to produce the final design for this system, not construction. There will be opportunity for discussion with the public before any further steps are taken after final design.

This sewer extension project is the subject of a 55% Clean Water Fund Planning Grant by CT DEEP approved January 2022. The purpose is to develop the sewer system designs for the Candlewood Peninsula and Dean Road areas at a greater cost-share by the state than the conventional 20% Clean Water Fund construction grant—a savings to Brookfield of over $500,000. The 45% difference will be provided in the form of a loan from the WPCA to be repaid when the project is funded by a Bond. The work started first quarter 2022. The State approved work plan agreed to between the engineering company and the WPCA is shown in Appendix A on page 14 of the document. [Download the Engineering Agreement.]

The Sept 14, 2022 Informational Public Hearing was held a encouraged by CT DEEP.

See submitted over 250 Questions with Initial Responses. (Download PDF 24 pages)

Further questions can be asked via email using

Engineering Agreement

For earlier deliberations on this project see the October 21, 2020 Special Meeting Minutes

The documents below represent studies of the septic challenges along Dean and Pocono Roads. A number of calls have come in about distressed septic systems. This project is likely to move forward. We are recommending no additional repairs, but simply pump septic tanks more frequently. A next step is to solicit bids for the engineering design and attempt to raise some funds so to keep the cost to the homeowners below the threshold of 10% of the Grand List Value.

In addition, studies have found there are significant amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and e-coli contamination into the river from the septic systems of low lying homes. These nutrients and bacteria flows north eventually into Lake Lillinonah and eventually into the Long Island Sound.

State Reports on the Still River

Links to State reports on the Still River in Brookfield as impaired waters identified by CT DEEP (2020) are provided below. The Still River is on the priority list for action by 2022. That may help in securing funding.

Map with area properties are below: