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Candlewood Lake Study 2019-2022

This is the Statement of Work for studying the pollution sources from the Brookfield portion of Candlewood Lake. The engineering company is Lombardo Associates, Inc (LAI). The LAI was selected submitted a winning proposal because of the their understanding of science of the fate of nutrients emanating from septic systems in a range of soils. They have done work around the country and more specifically in CT along the Long Island Sound.

This is project is partially sponsored by the State with a 55% Clean Water Fund study grant from the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). It will involve all five towns bordering Candlewood Lake as well as First Light Power, the owner, and Candlewood Lake Authority.  The project ran for a year from May 2019.

View and download the LAI proposal submitted to and accepted by DEEP.

See study results. The final report was completed April 2020. A map of the study area is provided below.

What is next? A design award was granted January to complete the engineering for Dean and Pocono Roads and the Candlewood Peninsula sewer systems. The State has agreed to fund the design grants using Clean Water Funds. The final grant approval for about $1,500,000 was approved January 2022. Grant is 55% from the State. The Brookfield portion is in the form of a loan from the WPCA for the 45%. The work has started first quarter 2022.

Study Area