Brookfield WPCA Rules and Regulations


Rules and Regulations PDF Download  (6/24/2020) |  Full Sewer Map as a 72dpi jpg file. (3/22/2017)

Rule changes June 24, 2020 [More …]

A. Strengthening language regarding fiberous materials disposed of into the sewer system.

B. Added categories regarding the Capital Cost Recover Connection Charge to allow for slower payments of large amounts.

Rule changes February 26, 2020 [More …]

A. Addition of rules regarding charges for private pump station and Fat-Oils-Grease (FOG) trap inspections.

B. Setting a fee of $80 per year for each private pump station and each FOG interceptor, billed semi-annually.

Rule changes January 23, 2019 [More …]

A. Changes pertaining to submission of electronic as-built drawings

B. Provisions requiring a sewer permit for modifications to a structure’s building sewer

C. Codify in the Rules and Regulations provisions governing the existing Danbury Plant Charge

D. Substitute current tables from the Public Health Code as warranted

Rule changes adopted August 27, 2014 [More …]

June 26, 2013, the Brookfield WPCA has modified regulations to adopt a change in billing frequency from quarterly to semi-annually. Bills will be sent out in December and June of each year. The following notice was inserted in the September 1, 2013 bill:

After public notice and a public hearing, the WPCA voted to implement semi-annual use billing, beginning with the December 2013 billing cycle.  This is a measure to contain costs.  Use bills will be sent on or around June 1 and December 1 each year (rather than four times per year). The unit rates will remain unchanged.  For example, if you now receive four (4) bills per year at $95.00 each, starting 12/1/13 two (2) bills per year will be sent, each at $190.00.

Assessment billings will remain unchanged at once per year.  Please call us at 203.775.7319 if you have any questions.  Visit us online at  Thank you.

January 23, 2013, the Brookfield WPCA has modified regulations to remove the Outlet Capacity Charge originally adopted in 1997. After competing the 20-year capacity study, it is clear that this charge to accrue money to fund future growth, soley by new customers, did not seem appropriate and, further, would not be needed for another 10-15 years. Money received by the WPCA under the Outlet Capacity Charge program was returned to the current property owners. The amount was just over $450,000.

January 11, 2012, the Brookfield WPCA has adopted updated regulations along with a revised sewer map. A web version of the Sept 29, 2010 sewer system map is shown below.

August 24, 2011: Denial of a Building Permit in the Case of a Delinquent Account.

September 29, 2010: The Authority amended Section 7.1.3, Determination of Use and Danbury Plant Charges, of the Sewer Use Regulations to add provisions for determining unit charges for physical fitness or sports training facilities, gyms and clubs. A Public Hearing on January 11, 2012 was held to amend certain technical rules regarding piping standards, to bring Brookfield regulations in line with State regulations.

Rules and Regulations PDF Download  (3/22/2017) |  Full Sewer Map as a 72dpi jpg file. (3/22/2017)

These adopted regulations will affect the operation of your sewage pumping system, specifically the maintenance of your pumping equipment. An annual maintenance report is now required. View regulation and download forms.

Sewer Details as part of the Rules and Regulations:





Notes: The Map and “Standard Details” are provided here for convenience as of March 2010. Except for the map, these drawings do not often change.  However, if using the drawing details for design purposes, check with the office for the latest version.

The links to the drawings above will open in a new page. On most browers, click the image to see them in full size. In their official form, these are D-size drawings 23 x 34 inches.

The Brookfield Sanitary Sewer Collection System:

The sanitary sewer system within the Town of Brookfield collects and cascades the flow to a single point. The final pump station discharges to the Danbury POTW.  A schematics of the Brookfield system is shown below: