Candlewood Lake Area Brookfield Survey

Septic Survey Report Download

The Brookfield Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) had commissioned a Wastewater Management Plan with a State Clean Water Fund grant for the watershed area in Brookfield that drains to Candlewood Lake. The study determined the public health and environmental impact of wastewater practices in the area and develop technically viable, cost-effective solutions to correct identified deficiencies. In particular, the Plan assessed the influence of wastewater on the water quality of Candlewood Lake on a property by property basis for all 1370 properties in the Study Area. Project documents, the Task 1 report on Existing Conditions; the Task 2 Report on field study findings; and the final Task 3 with Management Plan with recommendations for action are now available. [More …]

The survey report is pictured below. It also can be downloaded as a PDF file at the link above.