Service Initiatives

One 2010 initiative had been to convert the banking from a system of manual deposits of checks to on-line scanning and deposits. On-line banking also serves to assist in the accounting task by keeping funds for each sewer district separated. These banking and systems initiatives were done in consultation with Town Auditors to be certain procedures follow the guidelines of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). This is the source of generally accepted accounting principles used by State and Local governments in the United States.

Other recent initiatives, now implemented, involve billing and banking. The practice for the last 10 years had been to send out quarterly bills for sewer usage, one to each property.  Some people own more than one property and, consequently, receive multiple bills. One initiative is to consolidate the billing to reduce the paperwork to the customer and the WPCA.

This website is now configured to serve as a gateway to receive payments on-line. A study is underway to improve the current on-line payment process to better integrate the back office functions to automatically adjust customer records with on-line payments.

Yet another policy implemented in 2011 was to install an Elderly Deferral Policy on Benefit Assessment payments.

Benefit Assessments are collected to pay for the infrastructure, that is the pipes and pumps to send wastewater flows to the regional sewer treatment plant. The billings for these obligations is now changed to June 1 of each year beginning 2015.