Upgrades 2021

1. The Route 133 Pump Station is in the process of an upgrade to

    • Modify the ingress and egress with the development of the “Corn Field” property;
    • Add additional wet-well capacity; and
    • Replace the aged generator.

2. The 2021 project is scheduled to be complete December 2021, except for the new generator which is now expected 1st Quarter 2022. More extensive Route 133 Pump Station upgrades are on the drawing board for the second half of 2022.

3. The addition of a new electronic flow meter is completed at the “Caldor” Station.

4. The Brookfield Market Area design is to be completed 2021. The project is waiting on approval of funding from the Brookfield Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance using American Rescue Plan (ARPA) Fund grant. The grant is expected to be awarded (or not) 1st Quarter 2022.

5. A design award was made to complete the engineering for Dean and Pocono Roads and the Candlewood Peninsula sewer systems. The State has agreed to fund the design grants using Clean Water Funds. The final grant approval for about $1,500,000 is expected December 2021. Grant is 55% from the State. The WPCA portion is 45%.