Upgrades 2020

1. A project to address an issue with system reflux at the top of Old New Milford Road was completed March 2020. It is a technical fix to be sure there is no back up in the system due to heavy flows coming from the Route 133 Pump Station.

2. The Route 133 Pump Station is due for an upgrade to

    • Modify the ingress and egress with the development of the “Corn Field” property;
    • Add additional wet-well capacity; and
    • Replace the aged generator.

3. More extensive Route 133 Pump Station upgrades are on the drawing board for 2021.

4. Another technical fix is to install two new valve pits north of Route 7 on Route 202. This is an operational and safety issue.

5. The addition of pulse flow meters is planned for the Stony Hill and Cedarbrook Pump Stations. This is scheduled to be fixed in before July 2020.