Sandy Lane Area Project

The Sandy Lane Condo Association and certain commercial buildings West of Federal Road in the area opposite Costo have been serviced by the sewer system. But those installations required the use of pumps and generators. With the 2009 installation of the line servicing the Whisconier area condos, it became practical to connect this area by gravity.

The installation was completed in the fall of 2011. The Sandy Lane Condominiums are now connected. The commercial establishments are in the process of design and application to connect via this new route.

This special project connects properties via an all gravity route all in the original Federal Road South District.

The final project cost is $375,000. This is paid for by a 10-year Town bond. An assessment on each affected property is determined by calculation of the total cost of the project divided by the Grand List value (GLV) of benefited properties. It was determined the assessment factor is 1.933% of the GLV of eligible properties. This was the subject of a Public Hearing in June 2012.

One assessed Sandy Lane property owner asked:

Question: Will I be billed for my Benefit Assessment of $2000 before September 1 for each year? Also, can I get billed if I want the installment plan? How much will the installment be the first year? If I change my mind and want to payoff the whole remainder after 2 or three years, is there a penalty? Thanks, From Sandy Lane Village Condo.

Response: You will receive an assessment bill for 1/10th of your total assessment, plus bonded interest of 3% every year for 10 years.  You can pay either the entire amount up front (with no interest and no penalty) or pay it off in any subsequent year (with no interest and no penalty) or simply pay in installments over 10 years as billed. If you sell your property, the lien stays with the property and becomes the responsibility of the new owner.

If you chose the installment route, a lien is placed on your property on the Land Records until it is paid off, at which time the lien is released. In that case, the next owner picks up the payments if the property is sold before the last scheduled payment in 2021.

The quick estimation of your payment can be determined using the on-line calculator for this purpose.