Old New Milford Road In-Fill Project

Properties in the Old New Milford Road area could not be connected to the sewer system. Force main pipes sent gray water flow up the hill, but there was no gravity line to accept flow down hill. This situation was remedied with the installation of gravity lines from the top of Federal Road and the top of Old New Milford Road. The gravity line directs flow to the pump station on Route 133 in the area of the “Corn Field.”

These properties could not be developed, as it was not possible to install conforming septic systems. In some cases properties in this area had failed septic systems and could not be sold.

This project was completed in the Fall of 2011. The commercial establishments are in the process of design and application to connect via this new route.

This special project connects properties all in the Federal Road South District.

The Benefit Assessment was determined by calculation—the total cost of the project divided by the Grand List value of benefited properties. This came to 7.95%. The application of the assessments was the subject of a Public Hearing September 25, 2013.

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