Dean-Pocono Road Project Cost Detail

There are four scenarios. Each has it is own price and cost sharing calculation:
One option set is for (1) a gravity system or (2) a forced main system.
The other options set is for (3) just Dean-Pocono Roads and the upper end of Silvermine Road or (4) to include the Town Hall Properties.

Project Overview
Project Detail
Survey 2018
Survey Results 2019

Project Cost Estimate
Gravity Option$3,503,500
Hybrid Option (LAI)$2,937,000
Force Main Option$2,570,500
Cost Divides by Grand List Value
Grand List Dean/Pocono/Silvermine$16,410,930
Grand List of Municipal Properties$9,543,637
Total including Municipal Properties$25,954,567

Assessments as a percent of Grand List Value By Tax Assessor
Option:Without MuniWith Muni Buildings
Gravity21.35 %13.50 %
Forced15.66 %9.90 %



What is the next step?

Comments back indicate that the conventional gravity system is preferred. That system is higher cost, but maintenance-free.

The WPCA is seeking grants based on Environmental, Health and Safety issues to reduce pollution of nutrients directly into the Still River. This is deemed needed to offset the cost to property owners in the subject area.

There is a federal “319” grant specifically designed to mitigate non-point source pollution to waterways. The grant application process is underway to meet the April 3 deadline.

Updated February 7, 2019