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This area is to display real questions as they come in to the WPCA office:

Is the sewer project in the study area a done deal?
No. There is an entire process to go through to get Town approvals and, separately, financing approvals out lined at on an Approvals Process page.

I agree the lake needs attention, but I replaced my septic system 4 years ago. What about my property?
If/When it is approved to install sewers, all properties will be connected to prevent nutrients from entering the water supply and into the lake. Each property will be assessed in proportion to the grand list value of the property.

I have property on Candlewood Lake Road and our septic system is a problem. Will I be able to connect?
Each area will be evaluated for sewer installation. The commercial areas and high density areas along Candlewood Lake Road will likely require a separate approval from the Town. If there is enough interest by the property owners the WPCA will pursue the installation of sewers along Candlewood Lake Road.

The water supply in the Peninsula is from deep wells. Will there be enough water if there is no septic discharge into the ground above the wells?
This question was the subject of a follow on study. The short answer is Yes, the well water supply will be sufficiently recharged. A 2014 USGS study shows that 14% of rain water makes it down to the well depth. That is twice the usage rate. In addition the diameter of the fields to draw water entends into the lake. [See study details …]

I see that the recommendation is to install a municipal sewer system in the Candlewood Shores peninsula.  When will this be happening?  My system is aging and I am interested in hooking up to the sewer.
The entire project will take a few years. Allow 2-3 years to get the approvals and any grants. Then a year to build. That brings us to 2024 plus or minus a year. If your system is distressed, consider pumping more often rather than doing a costly repair. That will be far less expensive than doing a rebuild, followed by a benefit assessment in, say, 2025. It is best to work with the Brookfield Town Sanitarian for advice as to how to deal with this. You will find them very helpful.

My property is valued at $1 million. What will be my cost?
It is the total cost of the project that will be divided by the total grand list value of benefited properties that will determine the assessment rate. If the value is $1,000,000, the grand list value is $700,000. If the assessment rate 8% of the GLV, the benefit assessment will be $56,000. That is payable like against a project loan or bond over 20 years. 

The estimated project cost seems low. How can we assured the costs will not escalate?
At this point the estimated costs are at +/- 20%. As the engineering is completed, the cost picture will be clearer. Historically the WPCA has managed construction costs so the finally tally has been under budget.  

Some elderly people at Candlewood Shores will not be able absorb a large extra cost. Is there any sort of relief consideration for them?
There is a deferment program in place for those above 65 meeting certain income requirements. The income requirements are set every year by the state. See the WPCA elder deferral policy.

The Sept 14, 2022 Informational Public Hearing was live streamed. It can be viewed at this link

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