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Topic: Brookfield WPCA Meeting
Time: Wednesday, November 13, 2023 7:00 PM Eastern Time

Location: WPCA Operations Center; 53A Commerce Road, Unit 1, Brookfield
Or ZOOM: Meeting ID: 891 6369 1250 Passcode: 7757319 (7:00 PM)

Meeting Documents:
November 15, 2023 Meeting Agenda

Sewer Limitation Statement from the Dec 15, 2021 Meeting

October 25, 2023 Meeting Minutes
All recent meeting minutes
Adopted 2023 WPCA Meeting Dates

Other supplemental documents for this November meeting, if any, will be available November 13, 2023
Other documents will be presented during the meeting for some agenda items and available on request.

Documents related to the November 13 Candlewood Area Sewer Study for the Public Information meeting are available. [More …]

FYI see Town Revitalization ActiveCT Presentation by Greg Dembowski, Brookfield

Major Study Downloads:

June 2023 Billing Inserts