Geographic Information System (GIS)

Memorandum of Agreement between Town of Brookfield and Brookfield WPCA Regarding the Town’s Geographic Information System (GIS)

April 27, 2011

The following, including the three documents mentioned in the Addenda section, documents the arrangement between the two parties (Town and WPCA) concerning the Town’s Geographic Information System.


1)    During fiscal year 2010-11, the Town has expended $20,000 to revitalize the GIS system (new server, software, licenses and related costs).

2)    During the second quarter of 2011, the Town will spend $21,000 for an aerial photo flyover of the Town which includes related services. For details, see attached letter from Golden Aerial Surveys dated April 21, 2011.

3)    During the second and third quarters of 2011, the Town will spend $14,000 for the “color digital ortho photo production.” Again, for details see attached letter from Golden Aerial Surveys.

4)    Going forward, the Town expects to budget approximately $20,000 (software, licenses, data updates) annually for basic support costs to maintain the GIS.


1)    The Town will share the GIS with WPCA and provide WPCA with full access for 10 years.

2)    The Town will provide a computer and software that will be resident in the WPCA office.

3)    The Town will provide overall management of the GIS and be responsible for performance-related matters.

4)    The Town will provide GIS technical support from the Assessor’s Office and computer technical support from the MIS Department.

5)    The cost to WPCA for open access to the GIS system, computer hardware and software including licensing, and technical support will be a one-time payment of $100,000 for the five-year period beginning when the Planimetric Mapping Update goes on-line.

6)    After five-years, the Town and WPCA agree to mutually determine what cost sharing is appropriate and equitable for further investment during the next five years and every five years thereafter (or whatever interval the parties determined was needed and equitable). This will depend on the perceived value of the GIS system and any proposed upgrade to the WPCA at that time.

Addenda (attachments to this letter and a part thereof):

1)    April 13, 2011 letter from Golden Aerial Surveys that documents the work product that will be provided the company and then utilized by the GIS.

2)    March 3 letter from First Selectman Davidson to Chairman Malwitz and April 21, 2011 letter from Chairman Malwitz to First Selectman Davidson that provide additional background information to provide a more complete understanding of the background of this agreement.

The undersigned acknowledge this Memorandum of Agreement and confirm that they have the approval of their respective board/commission to enter into this agreement.

_________________________________                        Date______________________

William R. Davidson

First Selectman

_________________________________                        Date______________________

Nelson Malwitz

Chairman, WPCA