Brookfield Water Pollution Control Authority

Adopted Amendments to Sewer Use Rules and Regulations:

Public Hearing January 23, 2019

            The Brookfield Water Pollution Control Authority held a public hearing on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the offices of the Brookfield Water Pollution Control Authority, Unit 1, 53 Commerce Road, Brookfield, Connecticut to receive public comment on proposed amendments to the Brookfield Sewer Use Rules and Regulations.  The Authority amended such Rules and Regulations as follows:  

         a)  to add a two new provisions dealing with the submission of paper and electronic As-Built Drawings, specifically “Section  As-Built Drawings” to the Rules and “Section A-5.0 As-Built Drawings” to the Technical Standards; 

         b)  to add two new provisions requiring a sewer permit for modifications to a structure’s building sewer, specifically “Section Application for Building Sewer Modification” and “Section  Fees and Costs”; 

         c)  to amend the regulation dealing with the historical Danbury Plant Charge and to codify in the Rules and Regulations provisions governing the existing Danbury Plant Charge.  The proposed amended provision is “Section 7.1.2  Danbury Plant Charge – New”; 

         d)  to amend the Technical Standards to make references to the Connecticut Public Health Code, Revision of January 1, 2018, and to delete old and substitute current tables from the Public Health Code as warranted. 

         The substance of such amendments is as follows: 

a)  To add Section to read as follows:

    As-Built Drawings.  All applicants constructing a multifamily, commercial or industrial project involving more than a single building sewer connection, and all applicants constructing an expansion of the sewerage collection system pursuant to an Expansion Permit under Section 4.0 et seq.or constructing a Community Sewerage System pursuant to an approval issued pursuant to Section 5.0 et seq.of these regulations shall provide the Authority with complete As-Built Drawings (plans and elevations) of such system within thirty (30) days following the completion of such work. Such As-Built Drawings shall conform the requirements set forth in Section A-5.0 of the Technical Standards. If the applicant proposes to discharge prior to submission and acceptance of such complete As-Built Drawing(s) the applicant may post a cash bond in the amount of $7,500.00 with the Authority to secure compliance with the As-Built Drawing submission requirement not later than a date to be established by the Authority.  Following the continued failure to submit properly completed As-Built Drawings following notice of failure to comply and a twenty-one (21) day opportunity to cure, such cash bond shall be forfeited to the Authority. The Authority shall also have to right to terminate sewer service for failure to comply with the As Built Drawings submission requirement.

b)  To add Section A-5.0 to the Technical Specifications to read as follows: 

         Section A-5.0 As-Built Drawings.   As-Built Drawings are those drawings prepared by a Connecticut licensed land surveyor on behalf of the applicant or his contractor as the project is constructed and upon which the actual locations of all sewer and site plan components and underground conditions are recorded.  The applicant is responsible for providing the As-Built Drawings from field data collected during the course of construction of the project.  Field data is defined as information collected on site while constructing the project that is not available from the contract drawings.  It is of importance that the As-Built Drawings record all field information relating to concealed conditions.  

            The As-Built Drawings shall depict the final grade, the location of all above and below grade sewer structures, including but not limited to sewer line pipe materials, diameter, length and slope, tanks, grease traps, clean outs, connections and other appurtenance, and all other underground structures and/or utilities found or located during construction, and all items depicted on the approved construction plans.  The As-Built Drawings shall be prepared by the licensed land surveyor or professional engineer using electronic total station equipment and shall be provided as follows:  two (2) hard copies and one (1) digital copy in AutoCad (.dwg) format or approved equivalent.  The digital format copy shall be submitted to the Authority’s Consulting Engineer as directed by Authority staff.   

c)  To add Section 1.1.8 


   Application.Any property owner planning construction on their property that consists of, or that will result in, a modification to the existing building sewer connection must submit an application for approval of the building sewer modification and to have the building sewer modification inspected during construction.  The application shall include reasons for modification together with a building sewer plan in the same manner as detailed in Section  

    Fees and Costs.The owner shall pay all appropriate application fees and costs for inspection, legal, and engineering services and reviews.

d)  To amend Section 7.1.2 to read as follows: 

            7.1.2.  DANBURY PLANT CHARGE – NEW:  Effective as of June 1, 2017, a Danbury Plant Charge (New) shall be established to pay the estimated annual assessment to Brookfield from the City of Danbury for design, engineering and ultimately for construction of proposed Danbury treatment plant upgrades and improvements intended to meet mandated Federal and State regulatory requirements.  The charge will be assessed against each property located within a sewer service area established by the Authority whether or not the property is connected to the sewer system.  The charge shall be established by the Authority following public hearing as required by Section 7-255 of the General Statutes.

Until such time that Section 7.1.1.A and Section 7.1.3.A become effective, the charge shall be based upon “unit” fees.  For improved properties, whether or not connected to the sewer system, the Danbury Plant Charge shall based upon the number of “units” used for determining the Sewer Use Charge.  If the property is unimproved vacant land, the Danbury Plant Charge will be based on 1.0 unit per acre of land or part thereof, with a minimum charge of one (1.0) unit.  

At such time as Section 7.1.1.A and Section 7.1.3.A shall become effective, the Authority may change its method for determining the Danbury Plant Charge – New based upon a new methodology established by the Authority, provided that the charge(s) is established following public hearing as required by Section 7-255 of the General Statutes.

e)  To make technical amendments to the Technical Standards

            a)  All references to the “Connecticut Public Health Code, Revision of January 1, 2011” contained in the Technical Standards shall be revised to “Connecticut Public Health Code, Revision of January 1, 2018”.  

[Note:  Section A-1.2, p. 47, 48; Section A-1.3.1, p. 49; Section A-2.3, section 2, Pipe & Pipe Laying. p. 59, Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings, p. 60; Appendix, p. 72.]

            b)  The Technical Standards, Appendix is revised to delete the reference to Table 2-D and to add a reference to Table 3 in the list of attachments contained in the Appendix. The Technical Standards, Appendix is further revised to delete Table 2-D and to substitute Tables 2, 2-A, 2-B and 3 from the Connecticut Public Health Code, Revision of January 1, 2018 for Tables 2, 2-A, 2-B and 2-D from the Connecticut Public Health Code, Revision of January 1, 2011.

[Note:  Appendix, p. 72. and Table 2-D, page 75]