Brookfield Water Pollution Control Authority

Adopted Amendments to Sewer Use Rules and Regulations:

Public Hearing February 26, 2020


#1 Regulations

The Authority amended the Sewer Use Rules and Regulations by adopting the following Section 7.5.1 dealing with inspection fees for pump station and FOG equipment:

7.5.1  Inspection Fees – Pump Stations and FOG Interceptors and Management Equipment:  The Authority shall establish an annual inspection fee to defer the Authority’s program costs associated with building sewer pump station inspections and with external FOG interceptor and internal FOG management equipment inspections.  Such fees shall be paid by the sewer user whether or not an inspection of the user’s pump station or FOG interceptor or management equipment actually occurs.  Such inspection fee shall be determined following public hearing as required by Section 7-255 of the General Statutes and shall be based on the anticipated costs to the Authority of determining owner compliance with the provisions of Section 3.2.1 and Section A-1.3.1 of these regulations as to pump stations and with the provisions of Section 3.3 and Sections A-1.4 and A-1.5 of these regulations as to FOG interceptors and FOG management equipment.  Such inspection fee shall be levied on a semi-annual basis as an addition to the property owner’s sewer use charge.


#2  Inspection Fee – PS/FOG

The Authority established an annual inspection fee of $80.00 per year ($40.00 semiannually) to be known as the Inspection Fee – PS/FOG.  Such inspection fee shall be levied with respect to each pump station and each FOG interceptor or FOG management equipment constituting a part of the owner’s building sewer installation and shall serve to recover the costs associated with the Authority’s pump station and FOG inspection programs.  Such fee shall become effective with the June 1, 2020 billing.  Staff is directed to file and to publish notice of such fee, and the date that it shall be due, as required by Section 7-255 of the General Statutes not later than May 1, 2020.